Refrigerator Repair Service in Dayton, OH

This makes it one of the most expensive parts of a refrigerator to fix. If the refrigerator has stopped working suddenly, it may have something to do with the control board. Replacing the control board can cost between $500 and $800.
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If a refrigerator has lots of frost in the freezer compartment, the problem may be the limit switch. However, other components — the evaporator fan, the defrost timer, and the defrost heater — can cause the same problem. If these parts are in working condition, the problem is most likely in the limit switch. Don’t try to fix the limit switch yourself; call a professional service person for replacement.
“Many times, a refrigerator can be repaired before it needs to be replaced,” explains Shimek. Typically, most refrigerator repair s will cost less than the price of buying a new one. The rule of thumb is that if the cost of repairs is more than half the cost of purchasing a new refrigerator, the owner may be better off replacing it. If the compressor needs to be replaced or the fridge is low on refrigerant, labor costs may push the price of repairs beyond what is affordable for an older appliance. On the other hand, replacement often comes with the cost of disposing of the old fridge.
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