How Do You Make The Most Money on a Silent Auction?

Some people get overwhelmed thinking about all the work that goes into an event like this. Still, with How does Silent Auction work planning checklist and easy-to-navigate tools like BetterWorld, you’ll breeze through creating a successful and profitable event. In addition to marketing with ads, referrals, and (of course) email and social media, your organization can actually use fundraisers to spread the word about your upcoming auction event! Look into fundraisers that ask supporters to share your campaign in addition to contributing funds. A live auction complete with fancy garb and bidder paddles doesn’t have to be your model if you’d prefer something more lowkey. Thank all participants for their contribution even if they didn’t win.
The event will also feature a silent auction, cash raffle drawing, a sale of framed movie posters from the ‘80s and ‘90s, ‘90s music and a show and sale by New Century Art Gallery. This event offers a menu of pizza and salad, s’mores for dessert, access to a cash bar, a silent auction, and live music from the Mission Bluegrass Band. A schedule of events on the relay’s Facebook page says activities, including games, train rides, a raffle, face painting and survivor check-in, will start at 5 p.m. Come early and check out all the awesome items up for auction from individuals, race teams, track marketing partners, and businesses who all know there is a big need to help.
If you decide to use mobile bidding but have an older donor base, you may want to have a handful of volunteers on hand to help participants place their bids. Using mobile bidding at your silent auction will both help your organization raise more and more easily execute your event. Using bid sheets at your silent auction can limit the success of your fundraising.
After the event, it’s important to thank and recognize the guests who donated and bid on items. Offer a survey to your guests so you can learn how your event performed and identify areas for improvement. This will also re-engage your guests and encourage them to stay connected to your organization or give again in the future. This gives guests more time to familiarize themselves with your items, get familiar with your auction tools, and get ready to bid once the auction starts.
Whether your event will feature a silent auction, live auction, or both, you’ll need careful planning and savvy strategy to bring in top dollar. In addition to auction item donors, recruit sponsors to help cover event costs because, ultimately, “top dollar” really means net income. To solicit items, send silent auction donation request letters to corporate sponsors and individual donors. Your donation request letter should feel personal and heartfelt. Explain your nonprofit’s need and how the recipient’s support can help your organisation better reach its goals.
You’ll even be able to set multiple ticket levels and default bid increments. Double the Donation is not software for running an online silent auction; instead, it is a tool for maximizing the value of every donation that your organization receives during these events. Handbid prioritizes the user experience, so you can boost engagement and maximize bids.
Just be sure to have a good mix of items in different price ranges so that everyone has a chance to bid on something they love. With some planning and effort, you can make your celebrity meetup auction a huge success! Just set some ground rules for the auction so everyone has a fair chance to win. For example, you might want to limit the number of entries per person or set a minimum bid amount. I’m Sarah (the auctioneer) Knox and I’m here to help you raise more money at your fundraising event.
Non-profit organizations and charities often use silent auctions for raising money. Often, the items collected for the auction event are donated by people supporting the cause or by sponsors. The money collected through the auction goes to the non-profit organization or charity groups directly.